If the Adriatic Sea were a king then the island of Vis would be its crown.

Vis, Issa, Lissa, however you called it, from whichever side sailed, whatever port chosen as your destination, whatever cove visited, Vis was and remains a true jewel of the Adriatic.
One of the 1246 Croatian islands yet by all unique and special.

Whether you want to relax, enjoying the peace and beauty of the island or to experience the adrenaline fun; cycling, climbing, scuba diving and other activities provided by the island, these apartments are the best choice for you.
Villa Vacanza is located in Rukavac, a picturesque little village on the south side of the Island, located 9 km from the town of Vis and 15 km from Komiža. Once a fishing place, now a village with a few dozen people, it is a real window into the past providing a unique opportunity to experience the true Mediterranean as it always was. Unspoiled nature, crystal clear sea, some of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic, all of this is situated on the southern slopes of Vis. The most beautiful beach in the island Srebrena, Zelena špilja, Stari Rukavac, Tepluš, countless beauties and sights are just a few footsteps from Villa Vacanza.
Do not miss to try out daily fresh fish caught by local fishermen, olive oil or the local specialty viška and komiška pogača – a special kind of rich and savoury flatbread. Sit in the thick shade of  centuries old olive trees and listen to labourers and fishermen telling you a story of how their life was tailored there, on the island of Vis. Tour Modra and Zelena špilja, visit the evening of Rukavac and in Zelena špilja enjoy the sounds of klapa (a particular kind of choral singing) from a boat. Later on, visit the Evening of Vis and Komiža, take a walk along the seafront and sweeten your palate with freshly prepared sardines and homemade wine.

Villa Vacanza offers you a chance to escape from everyday life into the sun-soaked idyll and swimming in the sea with family and friends, a sanctuary for romantics, a paradise for gourmets. All this is a recipe for an unforgettable vacation. Vis engrosses the soul and the heart, embracing them with its innocent beauty, and you have the opportunity to become a part of it.

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Petar Veić

+385 91 899 3905


Luka, Rukavac, 21480 Vis

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